I have been repairing and modifying BMW’s for about as long as I could drive. I recently purchased an unloved E30 with intention of simply replacing maintenance items and utilising the car as a daily driver. As usually happens, all these plans were thrown completely out the window during the first week of ownership when I started looking at suspension upgrades and not just replacements.

I have developed a varied range of skills over the years working within the trade and have recently thought about developing a car to showcase these abilities. It had to be something different though as the list of E30 modifications is long and extensive. It had to be largely built in house, and above all it had to be completely reliable.

Plans and budgets have been revised so often that I don’t dare venture into my document folder for fear of doing something stupid when I see the cost! If you ever attempt such a comprehensive build, what ever your planned budget, prepare to double it, actually, even triple it!

It should be an interesting journey. I have added additional sections to build an E30 resource for DIY style repairs applicable to usual E30 ownership, not just for my build in particular. The intent is to feature a content rich resource outlining the repair of modifications that owners can use as a reference when completing similar work.

It will take some time to post and update sections, I have split the project and resource sections to keep them separate for easy reference. Check back for updates, and if there is anything you would like to see added to these pages, send me a message and I will see if I can accommodate requests.


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